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Reflexiva Natural Healing Center Sponsored


Mind, body and emotions are all connected

We believe there is no separation of mind, body, and emotions.

Thoughts, attitudes, and belief systems have an enormous impact on your physical well-being. 

We diagnose and treat different types of discomfort and illnesses.

We have helped hundreds of patients overcome chronic conditions after conventional medicine failed them.


ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE :: Cure & Prevention Treatments: 

- Bioresonance Diagnose & Therapy                                  - Cupping
- Vital Integral Therapy                                                    - Medical Reflexology
- Nutrition Support                                                          - Pregnancy Reflexology
- Natural Healing                                                             - Bach Flowers Remedies
- Acupuncture                                                                  - Acupressure
- More…


Assisted by Certified Doctors in Alternative Medicine, who entered the medical world driven by the simple desire to help people to be in a better place of wellness.


Location of Reflexiva, Natural Healing Center: