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Papas Bar Sponsored
+2 010 688 33 552
+2 010 688 33 556
Al Hambra, Mamsha Road


Papas Bar was opened in July 1998 at Zak hotel in Sakala, at 2007 moved to Hurghada Marina, and now located in at Al Mamsha Boulevard, Al Hambra (beside Carrefour) in Hurghada. Within weeks of opening it had become “the place to be”, hosting weekly live music events. Tour company welcome meetings during city tours, or even wedding proposals, Papas Bar’s walls have seen and heard it all…For many residents and tourists it is the major nightlive attraction.

Papas Bar offers a 7 night entertainment program ranging from live bands to international football. It is well known for bringing people together to have a great party time. Papas Bar is widely considered to be one of the country’s strongest brands in the bar's industry.


Location of Papas Bar:

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