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Red Sea Bulletin

The popular publication, Red Sea Bulletin, has been issued since 1998 and addresses residents with high purchasing power as well as tourists with reasonable holiday budgets that enjoy exploring the Red Sea.  
Red Sea Bulletin's news section, Across the Red Sea, informs readers in short topics and pictures about notable events in the area. Companies and venues showcase through their inserts what the Red Sea and surrounding areas have to offer. The articles report about new archeological discoveries, desert or sea adventures, interesting facts, people and the great Egyptian history. The reader can find information about day activities, nightlife, public bus schedules to/ from Cairo, Alex, Upper Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh, and a telephone directory of important numbers of the area. There are free classifieds, maps and  topics about events in Egypt and worldwide. The, Where 2 Go, section guides to the best restaurants, cafés, pubs, lounges, clubs and discotheques. The classifieds lead readers to discover opportunities to buy or rent cars, flats and villas, where to find lawyers, medical services,  and so much more.

Red Sea Bulletin is distributed free of charge with a circulation of 5,000 copies per issue to tourists & residents through public places, select distribution points as well as delivered to many companies & hotels.   Red Sea Bulletin is available online and   all issues from July/August 2012 can be downloaded as PDFs ( Daily up-to-date information is available on Red Sea Bulletin’s Facebook pages & groups:

The estimated number of readers is over 300,000 throughout the year. 
Many readers still love to hold a printed magazine in their hands, turn the pages, read articles and go through the contents printed on paper rather than on a screen, but more and more people, especially the younger generation prefers computers and mobile devices to gather information.

Red Sea Bulletin Online (read all issues from July/August 2012)

Media Kit 2019 PDF Download (complete information about Red Sea Bulletin & Red Sea Pages, including rates)

The internet portal and related social media platforms is a perfect match with the printed media of Red Sea Bulletin.


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