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16985 +2 0122 225 4600
+2 0106 666 1492
127 Banks Streets, Facing Mubarak 2




Hanimex opened a new branch in Hurghada which expands the success story that dates back to 1980 as an import office for furniture and home accessories. Now they are proud to be market leaders in that sector for more than 35 years offering diverse products to cater to individual needs along with major project demands.

Throughout the years, expansion plans extended to include more product lines; including indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, bathroom and kitchen accessories, office furniture, and much more.

Currently they have 8 branches and more than 600 employees, operating all over Egypt, serving customers and a wide range of business projects alike.

Hurghada’s store located in 127 Banks Streets, opposite Mubarak 2, working hours daily from 10am to 10pm. 
Contacts: 16985  / +2 0122 225 4600  / +2 0106 666 1492


Location of Hanimex: