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According to Clinical Psychologist Diana Baumrind. there are 4 dominant types of parenting styles.

News at the Red Sea, Vol. 6
Humphead Parrotfish, Büffelkopf - Papageifisch (Bolbometapon muricatum)

BERND KLEDT - Endemic Life in the Red Sea Vol 3

Red Sea Fusilier, Rotmeer-Füsilier (Caesio suevica)
The Red Sea-Fusilier fish is for divers and snorkelers very easy to recognize. The Fusilier can grow up to 25cm long and usually swim in open water. Here they swim "quickly" after plankton through the ...

Sesame is one of the best-known oil seeds, because of its high oil content.  It is used as very high quality oil for preparing dishes in Egypt. Maybe you already use this in the kitchen. Sesame oil is highly valued for its characteristic flavour as well as its high ...

In the last 3 editions, we have discussed the history of vaccines and how they were developed and how long they last and how they work ...


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