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New Prospects for the Future of El Gouna
At the Community Forum, moderated by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Schäfer, there were presented several projects, which deal with the future development of El Gouna in terms of: Climate Resiliency; Sustainable & Carbon Neutral

Selena Bay comes as an extension of the success achieved by Palma Group on the Red Sea. 
Many guests including ambassadors and consuls from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden attended the official ceremony on February 12th. 

Mr. Tharwat and his wife Mariam, well-known in Hurghada for their concept for the Sphinx chain restaurants, had the honor to host Mr. Bruno Musarò the Vatican’s Nuncio together with the Coptic Catholic Archbishop,

The festivities related to the Red Sea National Day began with the opening of al-Rahman Al-Rahim Mosque on January 18th and 22nd with a crown of flowers placed at the foot of the new monument, followed by carnival "flower procession" from Abdel Moneim Riad. Great concerts took place at the Al-Nasr Theater in Hurghada on January 22nd and as well on 25th in recognition of Police Day.

Kareem Ahdy, Sliders Cable Park Rider won the bronze medal in the IWWF World Cable Wakeboard & Wake-skate Championships 2019 at Argentina