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May 2018: Sherif Lotfy, the well-known ex hotelier and entrepreneur from Egypt, took another step in his challenging career. Together with his friends Amr El Kady and Hazem El Mihy he established the photo exhibition “Les joyaux cachés de l'Egypte” (The hidden jewels of Egypt) at the Egyptian Cultural Center in Paris.

Seventy eight beauties from around the World came to Egypt in January to compete in the MISS INTERCONTINENTAL 2017 Finale. They had a marvelous time during their stay at SUNRISE Garden Beach Resort and enjoyed many interesting excursions.

Wie die Zeit vergeht.......Nun ist es schon wieder so weit. Das Jahr geht zur Neige und Weihnachten steht vor der Tür. Wie jedes Jahr veranstalten Karin und Peter in ihrem Guest House „Living with Art“ wieder einen traditionellen Weihnachtsschmaus. Wer Karins Kochkünste kennt weiss, dass man sich dies unmöglich entgehen lassen kann.

Turkish Airlines celebrated five years of success of its destination Hurghada in October 2017. The carrier operates regular daily flights from and to Hurghada, connecting Hurghada with more countries than any other airline in the world. The five-year celebration took place at the prestigious Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay, starting with a reception at the beach, and followed by a generous dinner and speeches of many partners and friends in the tourism field.

The Coptic Egyptian Church celebrates the Coptic New Year (Anno Martyrus), or year of the martyrs on the 11th of September. The Coptic calendar is the ancient Egyptian which is one of twelve 30-day months plus a "small" five-day month or six-day in a leap year. The months retain their ancient Egyptian names which denote the gods and goddesses of the Egyptians, and the year’s three seasons, the inundation, cultivation, and harvest.