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Le Cirque à Gouna - Vol. 2 @ Sliders Cable Park El Gouna

14th of Sept 2016 – 10:30 pm
Definitively this will be one of the best Eid events on the Red Sea. It is the second time that Sliders brings Le Cirque à Gouna to El Gouna.

Considered as the Greater Eid, the Eid Al-Adha is Islam's holiest festival celebrated annually around the world and an official holiday in Muslim-majority countries. Will be celebrated on 10th day of Dhu Al-Hijaah (Islamic Month) on 10 or 11 September 2016.


The 2016 IBSF World 6Red and Team Snooker Championship concluded with the finals of the 6Red Snooker Men and Women competitions and the Team Snooker championships for Men, Women and Masters. Governor, Vice Governor of South Sinai and IBSF President, Capt. PVK Mohan graced the closing ceremony.

Immer wieder Donnerstags ab 19 Uhr treffen sich die unterschiedlichsten und interessantesten Leute zum gemütlichen Beisammensein in wunderschöner Atmoshäre


Ivana Kupala Day, on July 6 is one of the great and enigmatic holidays signifing a celebration in honour of the “God of the Sun” (or “Dazhbog”). It is believed that during this time