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In these days of increased environmental awareness, every effort to reduce human impact on our planet has to be welcome. At the Purrfect Cuppa in El Kawther

Hesham El Banna opened El Banna’s Gourmet Restaurant & Café at Hurghada Marina, and surprises tourists and residents alike with his excellent kitchen. When tasting his food you immediately feel the 20 years of experience he gathered in Switzerland. Born in Giza, Egypt in 1965 he discovered his passion for the kitchen already as a teenager and worked in various 5 Star hotels. Early in his career, he had the chance to serve Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and husband of the queen, and even was employed by the royal family of Oman for 3 years.

 DRINKIES ist der größte Weinhändler Ägyptens. In über 80 Shops bietet DRINKIES die aktuell 23 verschiedenen Weine der AL AHRAM BEVERAGES COMPANY an. Das Sortiment reicht vom „Alltagswein“ OBELISK, welcher bevorzugt in den „All Inclusive Resorts“ serviert wird, über den OMAR KHAYYAM, den meistverkauften Wein Ägyptens, den Schaumwein VALMONT, verschiedene Süßweine bis zu den international prämierten Premiumweinen.

Besides photography, fishing became the main hobby of Sherif Lotfy, entrepreneur and owner of the famous Moby Dick restaurant, which opened 21 years ago in Hurghada. It is currently ranked No#1 in TripAdvisor for Hurghada and El Gouna. A part of the success of Moby Dick is based on the concept to serve very special steaks of fish caught by Sherif Lotfy himself, up to depths of 500 m.

White Gold – 30 Million Years Old Sahara Desert Salt
Already for the early high cultures such as Egyptians, Sumerians and Babylonians, salt was a significant substance. They used it as a spice and as a preservative for their food.
Humans consume 4 to 8 Gram salt daily. For thousands of years people have developed sophisticated methods to extract the valuable mineral. For long time salt remained a very valuable commodity and brought those in possession wealth and power. The "white gold" created prosperous towns and gave wings to the international long-distance trade. The industrialization transformed the luxury good to an everyday product available for everyone.