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Egyptian scuba diver Walaa Hafez set a new Guinness World Record for the longest open saltwater scuba dive, staying down for ...

A new Guinness World Record was recorded in Egypt as the local champion Ahmed Gabr led 644 divers in the biggest ...

"PureAir – Safe Diving": high quality breathing air is the most important element of safe diving equipment. Insufficiently filtered air from the compressor endangers health and perhaps even the diver´s life.

The images above are all too reminiscent of the dangers involved when re-using sealed aluminium compressor filters.

Bauer Kompressoren are fully committed to informing the dive operators of the risks and hazards involved when re-using sealed filter cartridges, non branded molecular compounds and other non-branded compressor components found readily available here in Egypt.

Chest pain accompanied by shortness of breath is not a common complaint in diving medicine, but if it occurs, it usually indicates a very serious illness.