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BERND KLEDT - "Mission Possible" Dolphins in the Red Sea (EN-GER)

Dolphins in the Red Sea

A day trip with a dive centre or a snorkelling boat is no guarantee that you will actually see dolphins; underwater as a diver, as well as on the surface, if you want to swim und snorkel with dolphins ...


Feeding fish upsets the ecological balance of the reef

Surely at some point it is every divers desire to meet the king of the seas, to see him while diving and watch his elegant swimming motions or to just have the pure experience of being in the water with him. Those who have had this experience ...


The Ocean sunfish (Mola mola - mola is Latin for “millstone”), is the heaviest known bony fish in the world 

(LINNAEUS - 1758).

This kind of Sweetlips is the most frequently seen here in the Red Sea.  Through their striking coloration, they are very easy to recognize. They grow up to 45cm long and live at depths of ...