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May 2018: Sherif Lotfy, the well-known ex hotelier and entrepreneur from Egypt, took another step in his challenging career. Together with his friends Amr El Kady and Hazem El Mihy he established the photo exhibition “Les joyaux cachés de l'Egypte” (The hidden jewels of Egypt) at the Egyptian Cultural Center in Paris.

SUNSHINE DREAMS: It is proven that the major increase in the Egyptian real estate market in general has made buying in Hurghada a good opportunity to invest your money. Not only can you benefit by purchasing a second holiday home where you can enjoy the beauty of the red sea and its sunny weather all year round but secure an additional income with renting. 

Seventy eight beauties from around the World came to Egypt in January to compete in the MISS INTERCONTINENTAL 2017 Finale. They had a marvelous time during their stay at SUNRISE Garden Beach Resort and enjoyed many interesting excursions.

A research team at the Mansoura University Vertebrate Paleontology center (MUVP) uncovered a new extremely rare dinosaur species, Mansourasaurus Shahinae, in the Egypt’s Western Desert, one of the most fertile areas in the region during the Cretaceous Period.