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Christina Klomp is the co-owner with her husband Ossama of the famous Dutch Bar here in Hurghada, a keen Astrologer and successfully business woman we asked Christina to join us for a cup of coffee.


When did you first visit Egypt?

I came for the first time to Egypt on ...

Mohamed El-Masry is the Chairman of MT & T Investment Group – Join Stock Company; he is currently the inspiration and flair behind the Harmony Lagoon Resort a new luxury project directly on the beach 2km north of Hurghada.  He took ...


Dr. Wael Ghozlany took a well deserved coffee break at his busy Law office here in Hurghada, which gave the Red Sea Bulletin the rare opportunity to chat with him and find out a little bit more about his life, business and career.


Can you tell us a little but about yourself and your career?

I was born in ...

Chest pain accompanied by shortness of breath is not a common complaint in diving medicine, but if it occurs, it usually indicates a very serious illness.


A 55 year old female diver, had difficulty to equalize the pressure in her left middle ear during a diving descent, she had to make a forceful valsalva maneuver a few times to be able to equalize the pressure. She complained from some pain after the dive and decided not to dive the second dive that day