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Gabal Elba is one of a series of coastal mountains located in the extreme southeastern corner of Egypt. With a maximum height of 1,437m, it has a high percentage of mountainous precipitation than any other area in the Eastern Desert.

Coptic heritage at Djebel Qattar

Off the beaten track – Coptic heritage at Djebel Qattar
Pierre-André Jean Denereaz guided us to a fantastic mountainous area of the Eastern Desert, to the Granite Mountains of Djebel Qattar, an area full of history and mystery. Our target was to find the hermit caves where Christians hid from their Roman enemies 1700 years ago.

Pierre - André Jean Denereaz, a scientific desert explorer from Switzerland began his regular trips to the eastern desert about 10 years ago and had the luck to meet Sheikh Adel Zaher, the oldest Sheikh of the Kushman Clan, who has the usage rights of 900 km2 of desert land behind El Gouna. A close friendship developed between ...

The Extreme Hiking Trip to the Porphyry Mountains - Red Sea Bulletin March/April 2015

On January 17th my dad organized a hiking trip with famous Swiss desert explorer André - Jean Pierre and Sheikh Abd El Zaher of the Khushma'an clan to the Porphyry Mountains, the only area in the world with this quality of Porphyr. The Red Porphyr was the favorite stone of the Roman Emperors and symbol of power. They transport blocks of up to ...

Our trip started from the private house of Pierre-André Jean Denereaz, a Swiss scientific desert explorer.  We were accompanied by Sheikh Abd El Zaher member of the Kushmaan Clan,which is part of the Ma’asa tribe having the usage rights for thousands of square Kilometre of desert land.


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