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Sixth century medical recipe uncovered in St Catherine's Monastery. The medical recipe uncovered is one of the renowned Greek physician Hippocrates.

 The Ministry of Antiquities and the Tourism Promotion Authority agreed to open an Ottoman-era fort in El Quseir to tourists. The fort was built in the Red Sea town in 1799 under Sultan Selim’s rule.

The first officially registered settlement in Hurghada goes back to 1905. At this time a part of the old port was already existing and alive.

The Spanish Archaeological Mission in Qubbet El-Hawa, west Aswan, has discovered an intact structure where the brother of one of the most important governors of the 12th Dynasty, Sarenput II, was buried.

Dating to the 4th century, the Coptic Orthodox monastery of St Paul began as a grouping of hermitages in the cliffs around the site where St Paul had his hermitage.