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Dating to the 4th century, the Coptic Orthodox monastery of St Paul began as a grouping of hermitages in the cliffs around the site where St Paul had his hermitage.

The face of a young Egyptian woman who lived at least 2,000-years-ago has been reconstructed from a 3D print out of her skull. The forensic techniques used revealed surprising facts about the beautiful woman, who has been named Meritamun,

Researcher Ahmed Diab - Egyptian hieroglyphs specialist from the University of Klagenfurt in Austria believes that the Pharaohs have come up with the first sporting events,


Stone steps uncovered at the ancient port city of Thmuis are part of a nilometer, a structure used in antiquity to monitor the level of the Nile River. American and Egyptian archaeologists have

According to Discovery News, a researcher from Belgium has discovered the oldest depictions of demons in ancient Egypt, showing that demonic entities populated the ancient Egyptians’