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Harboured at the prestigious Abu Tig Marina of El Gouna, the super yacht M/Y Seven Spices stands-out from all other yachts in the marina. Simply put, M/Y Seven Spices is the most luxuriously private charter yacht available in Egypt! Up to 13 VIP guests, accommodated in 6 beautifully hand-crafted staterooms, enjoy fine dining and an unparalleled luxury service.

Breakdance — это удивительно зрелищный уличный танец, включающий в себя как физическую нагрузку, так и логическое мышление, необходимое для построения самого танца. Сегодня выделяют два основных вида этого танца: нижний экстрим – это когда танцор исполняет в основном акробатические и силовые трюки на полу, и верхний брейк-данс.

Dude, this one’s for you. Yoga is not just for women. Men, the Y-chromosome carriers can reap some huge rewards by getting on a yoga mat and getting the body moving. In fact, men may benefit even more from certain yoga postures than women, thanks to the larger and tighter muscles men generally boast.
Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup Tournament took place at El Gouna Golf Club on the 6th of May, 2017. It was already the second successful Golf Tournament organized and sponsored by Turkish Airlines.

On the 26th of June, Sliders Cable Park hosted a very special event: "The winner takes it all". This was the first ever El Gouna Wakeboarding championship. The riders showed a very high level, so the judges had a very hard time with tricks such as Blind Judge, 540, Transfer to Blind, Scarecrow, Tantrum and many more. The spectators were amazed.