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Today, it is possible to learn the basics of Belly Dance anywhere around the world. Though  perfection can only be found in the mother land of oriental dance – Egypt! The dancers ...

Sabirova Dance School - Yoga is for everyone

Forget about your fitness level. Forget about your age. Let go of your preconceived notions of what yoga is about. Yoga is for everyone. Yoga is a non-competitive, personal and enjoyable activity that can produce truly amazing results. You start at the beginning and you continue at your own pace. Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced practitioner, the benefits of yoga are many. With commitment, time and effort, yoga can change you as much or as little as you desire.

Spring into action now and get in training with FREDS SWIM ACADEMY ...

Sabirova Dance School

Хип-хоп культура сегодня имеет огромную популярность среди детей и молодежи всего мира. Хип-хоп объединил в себе такие направления как ди-джэинг, граффити, рэп и конечно различные танцевальные направления (брэйк-данс, папинг, хаус, локинг  и др).

A Journey of Imke Krohn (50) and Heinz Mohns (70)
Imke began sailing 20 years ago. Previously, for many years she worked on sailing yachts as a chef. The first boat she bought was a 27 foot (8.2 m) Albin Vega, harbored in Cuxhaven, Germany, from where the North Sea and the lovely channels of the Elbe can be reached....

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