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Sun, 27 May 20:00
Abu Tig Marina
El Gouna
Abu Tig Marina Street Festival

Mon, 28 May 22:00
Stone Restaurant & Bar
Salsa Night

Wed, 30 May 22:00
Papas Bar
Sing Out Loud Karaoke

Thu, 31 May 23:00
Elements Club & Lounge
Ladies' Night

Thu, 31 May 09:00
Sliders Cable Park
El Gouna
Sliders Cable Wakeboarding Camp

Fri, 01 Jun 21:00
Mainzer Restaurant
Mainzer Live Music

Sat, 02 Jun 00:00
Hungry Duck
Hungry Duck Karaoke Night

Sat, 02 Jun 15:00
El Gouna Golf Club
El Gouna
Introduction to Golf
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